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About us

About us

We are producing ethical, sustainable high-quality meat at Delcombe Farm in the parish of Milton Abbas in the heart of Dorset.  The Farm nestles in a Capability Brown landscape; a secret valley surrounded by chalk downs and woodland.

We strongly believe working with nature produces the highest quality wholesome meat that you can eat. We believe that our animals’ access to this flora rich, unimproved grassland and ancient woodland makes our meat taste special. 

Our approach to farming is simple: work with the nature and the nature will work for you.

Of course, this includes our dedication to the highest standards of animal welfare. We guarantee our animals are reared with love; each and everyone is given the utmost care and attention.

The Family and The Animals

Our family (that’s me, Nicky, my husband Nick, and our sons Oliver and Harry) were all born and raised on Dorset Farms and are passionate about what we produce, and proud of how we produce it. Delcombe, our home of 5 years as been turned around.

It’s not just the parents' effort though: Oliver undoubtedly follows in our footsteps and whenever possible is on the farm working hard. He has developed extraordinary skills, knows what he wants to do and is already planning his first tractor.

Harry is a thinker and in the way of young children, comes up with unusual but good ideas that offer different perspectives.


There are our dogs too; they work daily with all the animals. Elderly Sid who doesn’t understand retirement, Roxy our Kelpie, and Reggy who, in truth, does little more than scare the odd mouse.

We have a herd of Aberdeen Angus Cows, Lleyn breed of sheep, and pigs that are Saddleback crossed with Landrace. They don’t just take from our landscape but, with carefully managed grazing and minimum intervention, enhance it and enrich our pasture.

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